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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Vietnam AVShow show reports

First, thanks to Do Nhu Quynh for sending us all the cool pics.

Second... wow lots of cool pics!

The Hochiminh City AV Show

The first show was held in Hochiminh City [formerly Saigon] in early September. This show has been happening almost once a year, and has been quite successful for the manufacturers we have talked to.

The Hanoi AV Show

The second show was held in Hanoi exactly 3 months later. This show seemed a little more upscale than the show in Hochiminh City and was even more well attended. A nicer camera was used to take these photos - better than mine I think! - so that kind of adds to the upscale air to the whole affair.

Compared to the Vietnamese, the average American just doesn't love high-end audio the way they should [me thinks :-)]. Makes me envious of other cultures in this way. Come on, all you non-audiophiles out there in these united states, treat those ears of yours - and the ability to hear - like the precious gifts that they are!

Think this call to arms will work? Me neither.

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