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Monday, January 7, 2013

Event reports

We call show reports 'event reports' sometimes because we encourage reports for all kinds of events:

Conferences / Shows
Dealer and Manufacturer Open Houses
Presentations at Dealers or Manufacturers
Audiophile Society meetings

Any member can announce an event and any member can post a show (event) report for that event. A report is a collection of photos and videos and people's comments on those photos and videos.

When someone posts an event report, they indicate whether other people can also add photos and videos to their event report. In this way several people can contribute to the same report.

Any member can also 'tag' and photo or video, letting people know what the photo is about.

For example, a photo of a Wilson Sophia loudspeaker would be tagged 'Wilson Sophia'.

The tag is then displayed next to the photo and 'Wilson' links to the Wilson page and 'Sophia' links to the Wilson Sophia page in the Ultimist Files. This also causes the photo itself to appear in a list of such photos on both the Wilson and Wilson Sophia pages in the Ultimist Files.

There are other things members can do with photos and videos in show reports.

Another example is that a member can click on the 'pin' icon below the photo or video and directly add it to one of their personal galleries of photos and videos they have collected. This way when you find a killer photo or video you can save it for posterity somewhere where you will be able to easily find it again.

OK. Off to CES and THE Show to collect more photos!

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