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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

After an extensive preview period (thanks for all the feedback, everybody) we are planning to go live in a week or so, just in time for CES 2013.

Out of the box, we hope people find the site useful. The news pages have lots of links to stories, the classifieds section has 1600 ebay classifieds sorted and presented in the Ultimist way, and the Shopper allows the enthusiast to search and filter over 1000 products in many, many ways.

Classifieds and display ads are currently free on the site.

Like Wikipedia  all members can contribute their expertise about brands, products and product technical details in the Ultimist Files. All members can also post information about upcoming events on the Calendar - whether a local show or manufacturer / dealer open-house or just a local get together to listen to some tunes.


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