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Monday, February 25, 2013

high-end audio nomenclature

Talking about high-end audio... it can be weird sometimes  Lots of weird words. Lots of words with meaning that we are not really sure we all agree on what they mean. Lot of cool ideas about sound  and everyone has a hard time expressing them in English.

So.. to hopefully make it all just a wee bit easier... we added a Nomenclature category to the Answers area of Ultimist.

For example one question is What is a Soundstage? Yes. We provide an answer. But there is also room for other people to provide answers - so that we can all, together, converge on an agreed upon meaning and description.

Other questions are: What is a Bright sound? What is Imaging? What do under-driven speakers sound like? What do people ,mean by a Warm sound?

Lots of other questions and answers. And a lot more are needed!

Please feel free to add your own answers, questions or just rate them as to which ones rock and which ones suck. :-)

Until next time...

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